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16 ounce Old Amish Dewormer - Adult Formula in a dark plastic medicine bottle. Old Amish Dewormer - Adult Formula has been reported to provide parasite cleansing for Tapeworms, Candida, Flukes, Ascaris Lumbricoides, Fasciolopsis Buski, Pinworms, Roundworms, and many other human body parasites.


Dewormer Bottle Ingredients: Walnut Tree, Olive Tree, Male Fern, Fennel, Cats Claw, Boneset, Shitaki, Teasel Marker, True Solomon's Seal, Andrographis, Desert Parsley, Peach Leaf, Pomegrante, Chaparral, Ginko Leaf, Yarrow, Mormon Tea, Knit Bone, Yellow Dock, Virginia Snake Rt., Elderberry, Milk Thistle, Lobelia, Clover Blossoms, Pumpkin Seed, Tansy Flower, Horsetail, Pau D'Arco, Goldenseal, Ginseng, Red Raspberry, Hawthorn, Papaya, Pineapple, Apple Cider, Armoiss Mugwart, Cade, Cayenne, Cassia, Cedar Wood, Clove, Fennel Bitter, Garlic, Neem, Ninouli, Oregano, Pine Scotch, Polsasa Rosa, Thuji Occidentalis, Wormseed, Wormwood.

Suggested Dosage: As a dietary supplement take: One (1) Tablespoon in a glass of water daily about 15 minutes before a meal or as recommended by your health care professional.