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LIFE - Nutritional Supplement is a dilute mixture containing only distilled water and Iodine and Potassium Iodide crystals according to the Dr. Lugol's & Dr. H.R. Clark method.

There is an elemental nutrient deficiency in 98% of North Americans according to Dr. Jorge Flechas.

LIFE is a small dark glass eyedropper bottle of a dilute mixture of Iodine and Potassium Iodide (Lugol's Iodine) in pure distilled water only. Use for Iodine Skin Stain Absorption Test - an approximate measure of the body's Iodine level. As indicated by Dr. Jorge Fletchas a 50mg (milligrams) dosage/day can increase body Iodine levels by skin application or internal use in drop sized dosages (1 - 16 drops/day) in a cup of water. This is to counteract minimum Iodine levels contained in today's food and replenish the Iodine depleted by consumption of other offending halogens - Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine, unfortunately, so common in our food, soil and water.

A Skin Stain Test can estimate adequate body Iodine level. Some say if a few drops of Iodine stain on the skin lasting 24 hours - one has an adequate Iodine level in the body. Also one can use 4-8 drops in a cup of water for Salmonella Food Poisoning or Iodine increase as recommended. Some recommend taking 300mg of Vitamin C - one to two hours before Iodine dose to improve Iodine retention.

Dr. Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D. in his Iodine in Health and Civil Defense talk on August 6, 2006 gives this data: General Health: Prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases- (50 – 900mg); Multiple Diseases: Cardio, Dermatological, Lung, Fungal – (900 – 6000mg)/day. Each drop of LIFE nutritional supplement contains approximately 3mg of Iodine. Use as directed by a Health Care Practitioner. A single teaspoon of Iodized Salt only contains 77 micro-grams of Iodine and therefore would take pounds of salt to equal Dr. Miller's recommended daily 50mg uptake of Iodine. 

Your local bread is now being supplied with Bromine instead of Iodine as it was formerly. Is this an attempt to decrease our body's Iodine levels? For more info on Iodine go and listen to Dr. Fletchas’ Iodine Audio Tape at: