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1 ounce Old Amish Oil of Oregano in dark glass eyedropper bottle.

Old Amish Oil of Oregano provides the prescribed herbal cleansing formulation primarily for full mouth hygiene. 


Bottle Ingredients: Old Amish Oil of Oregano (Oreganum Dubium - Linalool type) is of the highest concentration available in the world, is un-diluted and is used for Mouth Hygiene.

Suggested Dosage: As a dietary supplement: One drop on toothbrush while brushing twice a day provides un-paralleled mouth and body hygiene.

WARNING: This product is of the highest concentration available. Use with caution. On first application dilute 4 to 1 with Olive Oil of safflower Oil to prevent mouth tongue or lip pain or inflammation. And then only pace 1 DROP on a tooth brush laden with tooth paste after brushing for two minutes.

DO NOT USE MORE THAN ONE (1) DROP AT A TIME. It is un-cut and not diluted and in its original form. It is used primarily for full mouth hygiene. It can eliminate the anaerobic bacteria Clostridium which is responsible for mouth odor and according to Dr. Clark is one of four agents responsible for the initiation of all cancers in the body. These four precursor items according to her are: 1) Clostridium, 2) Chlorine Bleach used for laundry, bathrooms and barns, 3) Fasciolopsis Buski parasite, 4) SV-40 Virus [cancer virus - a parasite derived virus which can originate from Eurytrema Pancreaticum (Pancreatic Flukes) or Plasmodium (malaria)]. It has been observed to eliminate gum infections, loose teeth, deep pockets and the normal dental plaque which normally collects every six months between twice annual teeth cleanings. A recommended method is to add one drop only of Oil of Oregano from the eyedropper bottle unto your tooth brush during the brushing of your teeth in the morning and evening. Do this twice per day. You will welcome the clean fresh feeling in your mouth. According to Dr. Judd use pure bar soap (non-glycerin based) instead of expensive toothpaste and avoid all Fluorine based toothpastes or any of the other dangerous Halogens, such as Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine which are prevalent in our Food, Soil and Water. They remove Iodine from our bodies and can create diseases.