Brand: Old Amish Original Formulas
Product Code: ClarkPG1
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Robust single band frequency Dr. Clark type Pulse Generator in strong black box design.

Information on the Old Amish Original Products Frequency Generator.

This 30-32 KHz robust pulse generator is custom made by Old Amish Original formulas.

This device is for experimental use only! This device has not been evaluated by the FDA for safety or effectiveness. This experimental device is based on the works of Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. and you must read her books and understand this device before you experiment with it.

This device was made with simplicity in mind and trouble free use. We custom manufactured these blue elastic cuffs that make this model very easy to use. This is a manual model, meaning you must turn it on and off with a switch. Change the 9 volt battery every month for standard use. If the red light should grow dim, change the battery regardless of time used.

WARNING: Persons with pacemakers should not operate this device due to risk of accidental contact. Pregnant women or children should not operate it for the same reason. Also persons with heart disorders, or who are subject to seizures, or have metal implants, or have any other medical condition that may be adversely affected by exposure to a 9.5 volt battery, should not operate this pulse generator without consulting their doctor.

NOTE: A person with a hand to hand impedance of 47,750 (47.75k) ohms will have about 100 microamperes of average DC current flowing during use.