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Published by Ehret Publishing Co., Beaumont, CA 92223, Copyright @ 1971

Professor Arnold Ehret's Original text - this is a Collector's Copy

In this Collector's Copy (the original version) and inspirational book, Prof. Arnold Ehret reminds us of our innate ability to heal any ailment, and live the "Paradise Health" that is each of our birthright. He states clearly and simply the basic tenants by which all living beings lead vibrant, pain-free, disease -free lives, yet humans seem to have forgotten.

RATIONAL FASTING in this new updated version and its companion THE MUSCUSLESS DIET HEALING SYSTEM has inspired millions, since their first publication in the 1910's, to live a life brimming with health.
They are the catalysts that inspired many prominent people in today's raw foods revolution such as Joe Alexander, Gabriel Cousens, M.D. Dick Gregory, Aris Latham, Steve Meyerowitz, David Wolfe, and more. To fast correctly and form dietary and lifestyle habits which bring truly robust health, one must gain the proper knowledge and have the courage to carry it forth.

Ehret provides us with both. In the present misinformation age, where disease consciousness and nutritional confusion are the norm, his convictions are more needed than ever. Learn and understand Prof. Arnold Ehret's simple and truthful message, then take action and live it.

Enjoy this book! I hope it will inspire you, as it has me, to create the physically, mentally, and spiritually vibrant life we all deserve.
Robert  A. Miller, March 6, 2000.